The world of tea is changing, and the way that we enjoy the most ‘British’ of beverages, the good old cup of tea is evolving. It’s no longer about a steaming hot kettle, thick tannic liquid and only the choice of ‘milk or sugar’, but an ever growing array of fine and speciality teas and infusions waiting to be explored.

And whilst the range of teas we are exposed to is ever growing, the ways in which we can enjoy, brew and savour tea are also expanding. Contemporary growing and manufacturing methods, better tea education and Innovative infusing and brewing techniques are changing the world of tea, evolving from century-old traditions to modern day trends.

But what forms the essence of every single cup of tea we sip and savour is the humble tea plant and its delightful journey from leaf to liquor. Whether you’re looking for a mid-morning motivator or an evening night-cap, the humble cup of tea can provide the perfect refreshment!